Are You Covered by the Rent Control Law?

If you search the internet, there are various write-ups on the rule that any rent increase should not be more than 7% per year. It’s not surprising, however, that some landlords or lessors have increased rents by an amount higher than 7%. So, what is the coverage of the existing rent control law?

This law is Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9653, otherwise known as the “Rent Control Act of 2009,” the effectivity of which has been extended by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) until 31 December 2015.

The law is meant to protect housing tenants in lower income brackets and other beneficiaries from unreasonable rent increases. Hence, under Section 5 of the Rent Control Act of 2009, the law covers only certain residential units: (a) when the total monthly rent does not exceed P10,000 in the National Capital Region and other highly urbanized cities; and (b) when the total monthly rent does not exceed P5,000 in all other areas. Monthly rent in this case does not include utilities and other charges.

Residential units which fall under R.A. No. 9653’s coverage have limits on annual rent increases. Under Section 4 of the law, the monthly rent shall not be increased by more than seven (7%) percent annually for the same lessee. To illustrate, if a condominium unit located in Paranaque City, which is within the National Capital Region, charges a rent which does not exceed P10,000, the lessor may not increase the rent by more than 7% annually. However, if the monthly rent exceeds P10,000, the lessor may increase the rent by ten (10%) percent annually.

36 thoughts on “Are You Covered by the Rent Control Law?

  1. michael

    i would like to know if i can break a lease because the landlord will not fix water and electrical problems that are hazard to my family. i did ask then and they said no,i also mentioned about the roof leaking.

  2. Nigel

    Is rent control law can help me even if I did not sign any contract with the the house care taker not a home owner but she is letting people to rent the house, then she will just terminate the tenant for no reason just her personal reason without any offence. Please I need help with this cause this care taker is not paying taxes with this business and she is using the house for her own profit but the house is not under her or his partners name. Can I file a case against it.

  3. gymser

    Mam/Sir,ask ko lang po…covered po ba dito ang nasa squatters area? No land title po itong paupahan.. Samakatuwid po hindi kanila ang lote kinatatayuan ng paupahan…
    Ang tumatayong may-ari po ay nakatira sa isang subdivision…ano po ang maaari naming gawin?
    Thanks po…

  4. Richard

    I am currently leasing a 3 bedroom unit in Angeles City and the landlord is carrying out renovations in the complex where he has a total of 12 units My current rent is 8.750 pesos per month. He wants to relocate me within the complex to a similar 3 bedroom unit that is vacant unit where he has completed the renovations and increase the rent to 15,000 pesos per month.I know the renovations to the units he is renovating has cost him approximately 50,000 Is this legal?

  5. Ronald

    i have a tenant who did not pay for 72mos and we have an agreement in Barangay that they will vacate until Mar 2015. Then they ignore it they continue renting. Now, that i follow Up my case they reply me that they will not leave my Apartment. Now may Quetion is Do they have the right not to pay rent it is now in 3months now.

  6. Bella

    Hello, I want to ask for a legal advice. I’am currently renting a space in a food court 15k/month. The foodcourt is just 2 months old. In my two months in the foodcourt the market reach is very low. There are more or less 10 people visiting the the place and we’re not making enough sales to cover all expenses on our business. Can we terminate the contract because of this problem coz we are not highly capable to shell out money. Thank you, hope you could help me on this one.

  7. Ivo

    I have a question. I’m currently renting a house for more than a year now. Before the place was taken care by management. Now the owner is moving in into the compound. I heard from other tenants that he randomly comes in while you’re away. Is this legal ? I’m a foreigner so sometimes I will not be here. He wants that we pay an extra 500 peso while were not staying in the compound. I have serieus questions about such matters and I was wondering if there is any law with basic rights for tenants. The owner is a foreigner and comes up every time with new extra costs. Thanks in advance.

  8. Alon

    I pay P12,000/month for house rental and suddenly they told me that they will increase the price to p15000 starting tomorrow. No contract between us. I’m living in this house for 10 years.
    is it allow to increase such amount with super short notice?

  9. maharmi

    Same question. I want to know if the 90 days eviction notice is rent free. actually i used my advance and deposit so i only stay 17 days more. Should i pay for it? what is the law on this.

  10. Carl

    The maximum increase in rent below P5,000 was set at 7% by the Rent Control Act of 2009. On line references state that later the HUDCC set the maximum of increase at 4% and more recently at 2%. We are involved in a legal challenge of overcharging us on a large increase of our rent that is much higher than 7%.
    Please help us find a reference that covers the legal allowable percentage of rent increase from 2014 to 2019.
    Thank you for any help 7n this matter.

  11. Rudy

    We are renting an apartment for 57 years, Its a 4 door apartment, 2 storey with big compound. The rent is very much affordable since we are one of the pioneer in the apartment. We have no problem with the landlord during the previous decades and since the owner already died the grand children is now managing the property. Last year, the grand children had shown and indication of selling the property. Recently, they talk to us and told us that they need the property and we are given 3 month to vacate the apartment. May I seek some legal advice on our rights since we been renting the apartment for almost 6 decades? Can we have the right to buy the portion of the apartment that we are staying? Can we ask compensation as a humanitarian consideration to help us finance new place to live? What other option can we negotiate with the landlord. Thank you very much, hope you can help us legally with rightful option.

  12. Elizabeth

    Good day! What is the law governing commercial lots/spaces. What is the allowable increase in commercial areas?

    Thank you


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