Guidelines on the Movement of People under General Community Quarantine in Makati City

[Updated (2 June 2020): The previous set of guidelines [How to Process Travel Pass for Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs): Makati City] is no longer applicable. The material, sourced from the social media of Makati City, is also reproduced below.]

STEP 1. 

Go to the barangay hall, register your name, and get application forms for travel authority and medical clearance.


Fill out a Health Declaration Form and submit it to the Makati Health Submit the TWO accomplished forms the FOLLOWING DAY to the barangay health center or the Makati Health Department (7th floor, Makati City Hall Building 1) and secure a medical certificate from the barangay health center or MHD.


Submit the medical certificate to the barangay hall and get a clearance for travel authority.

Applicants should not have any COVID-19 symptoms at least 14 days before gravel. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THE TRAVEL PASS IS ONLY REQUIRED FOR THOSE WHO WILL GO OUT OF METRO MANILA

[See also When Travel Pass is Needed for Interzonal Travel during Community Quarantine]

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38 thoughts on “Guidelines on the Movement of People under General Community Quarantine in Makati City

  1. AvatarManny

    Ako po si Manny taga pembo makati city. Gusto ko po munang umuwi ng probinsya sa kadahilanang matatagalan pa ang pagbukas ng aming pinapasukang trabaho, no work no pay po kami.

  2. AvatarJuan Dela Cruz

    The email address is NOT working. It sent me an auto message saying that the email address cannot be found. How is this supposed to help us process the travel pass when the email address is not even working?! Plus, I don’t get why we still have to go to these LGU offices and RISK GETTING THE VIRUS on our way out when we can do processing online? We’re not in the 1970s for heaven’s sake. It’s easy for those who have cars to get to these offices but what about those who do not?! Risk using public transpo?! Just to get these documents which could have been processed online?! if only LGUs were competent enough to really provide the needed PUBLIC SERVICE they ought to provide. We walked several kilometers to the Barangay office in hopes of processing these requirements, but instead when we got there, we just got denied of processing kasi may mas malapit raw na satellite office kung saan kami nakatira. HOW WERE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW that when they did not post anything about it?! The mere fact that we are already in the Barangay, they should have accommodated us since WE WERE ALREADY THERE and that’s what they should do as PUBLIC SERVANTS. Truly how frustratingly incompetent these people are. I understand we have these rules that we nees to comply with but I hope thay given the circumstance we are in, given that the VIRUS IS STILL OUT THERE, I hope these LGUs can man up and find alternatives that will not require people to gather in their offices. Make use of the internet people! Going to these offices should be the last resort and not the only option!

  3. AvatarDarel b. Erlanda

    Gusto q po mg apply ng travel pass gusto q po umuwi muna sa probinsya dhil hanggang ngaun wla prin po aq pasok sa trabaho

  4. AvatarDaniel S. Larga

    Gusto ku po na maka kuha ng travel authority sa kadahilanang gusto kuna pong umuwi sa Mindoro Oriental wala na po akong trabaho at wala na din pong budget andito po ako ngayun sa Quezon city.

    1. pnlpnl

      Hi Roger. Thank you for the information. It’s amazing to know people sharing relevant information during these times. Stay safe.

  5. AvatarEmmanuel

    I already got Medical Certificate. Saan ko po ba isusubmit ito para maprocess na yung travel pass ko? Sa nearest police station po ba malapit sa residence ko?

  6. AvatarJovelyn Mayormita

    Good afternoon po ma”am and sir..need ko po travel pass pa uwi ako po sa cavite kc tagal ako ng hintay sa travel ehh gusto ko na umouwi sa cavie


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