Rules on Principal Office Address of Corporations and Partnerships

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has extended the compliance period — until 30 June 2015 (per Memorandum Circular No. 1, series of 2015) — for companies and partnerships to comply with the required designation of the principal office address. We believe that it’s helpful to disseminate the information to non-clients as well, so we are summarizing the requirements below, culled from SEC Memorandum Circular No. 6 (series of 2014; full text) and SEC Memorandum Circular No. 16 (series of 2014; full text).

Basic Requirement

The complete address must be specified in the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership — if feasible, the street number, street name, barangay, city or municipality, and if applicable, the name of the building, the number of the building, and name or number of the room or unit.

Existing corporations and partnerships whose Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership indicate only a general address as their principal office address, such that it refers only to a city, town or municipality, or “Metro Manila”, are directed to file an amended Articles of Incorporation or amended Articles of Partnership.

Change of Principal Office Address

Within the same city or municipality

If compliant with the Basic Requirement and a corporation/partnership moved or moves to another location within the SAME city or municipality, it is not required to file an amended Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership. However, it must declare its new or current specific address in its General Information Sheet (GIS) within fifteen (15) days from the transfer or the effectivity of Circular No. 16.

The corporation has the option to voluntarily amend its Articles of Incorporation to indicate its new location within the same city or municipality of its former address.

“Metro Manila” is not considered a city or municipality.

Different city or municipality

In case a corporation or partnership changes its principal office address to another city or municipality, it must amend its Articles of Incorporation or Article of Partnership to indicate its new location.

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13 thoughts on “Rules on Principal Office Address of Corporations and Partnerships

  1. AvatarJonathan

    My inquiry is: “Can two different corporations with different SEC regs, use the SAME Prinicpal Office address?” I need a legal basis for this. ASAP Salamt po!

  2. AvatarJonar

    The Corporation transferred to a new address within the same city with 6 new owners. The occupancy permit of the new leased address is still in process, can the corporation update/ register with SEC its new owners as part of the corporation without the occupancy permit?
    Thank you very much.

  3. AvatarBelle

    May I ask about the change in Corporate Secretary, should that be reported to the SEC as well? And if you could extend your help in telling me if there are other requirements needed for this? Thanks in advance!

  4. AvatarXero

    Hi I have a concern. What is the easiest way and what are the requirements on changing the address of my corporation. Actually, I have a home office and a branch. What we want is to put all operations from the home office on the current branch office and declare that branch as our new home office. Thanks!

    1. AvatarJuliet

      We would like to transfer principal head office from Cebu to Parañaque.
      What to do with :
      City Hall
      SSS? Phihealth? Pag-ibig?
      Bureau of Customs (as importer)

  5. AvatarLeigh

    Hi ano po ang mga requirements at dapat gawin kapag gusto mong mag tayo ng branch office ng isang company?. Salamat po.

  6. AvatarMJ


    What if a publicly listed company does not habe or no longer has an office address? Instances where mails sent to the published office address of the listed company are returned to sender. What are the rules and laws that are being violated by the listed company?

  7. Avatarluningning

    How to process change of business address( different Baragay but same City) ? What are the requirements?

    Where to file? How much is the transfer fee?

    Thank you.

  8. Avatarnicodemus santosidad

    Where is the memo stating that a company may request an amended address regarding the building in the same municipality when a government agency asks for it?


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