Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act No. 8799): Full Text, Summaries

[Republic Act No. 8799, also known as the “Securities Regulation Code”, was signed by the President on 19 July 2000. The complete text of R.A. 8799, with summaries to be included, are reproduced below.]

Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act 8799) of the Philippines

Chapter I. Title and Definitions [Text; Sections 1-3]

* Glossary

Chapter II. Securities and Exchange Commission [Text; Sections 4-7]

Chapter III. Registration of Securities [Text; Sections 8-15]

* Securities covered by SRC

Chapter IV. Regulation of Pre-Need Plans [Text; Section 16]

Chapter V. Reportorial Requirements [Text; Sections 17-20]

Chapter VI. Protection of Shareholder Interests [Text; Sections 19-23]

Chapter VII. Prohibitions on Fraud, Manipulation and Insider Trading [Text; Sections 24-27]

* Insider trading
* Concept of material information

* Price manipulation

Chapter VIII. Regulation of Securities Market Professionals [Text; Sections 28-31]

Chapter IX. Exchanges and Other Securities Trading Markets [Text; Sections 32-38]

Chapter X. Registration, Responsibilities an Oversight of Self-Regulatory Organizations [Text; Sections 39-40]

Chapter XI. Acquisition and Transfer of Securities and Settlement of Transactions in Securities [Text; Sections 41-47]

Chapter XII. Margin and Credit [Text; Sections 48-50]

Chapter XIII. General Provisions [Text; Sections 51-78]

* Prescriptive periods (civil and criminal cases)
P&L Law

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