Registration of Securities (Chapter III): Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act No. 8799)

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Section 8. Requirement of Registration of Securities.– 8.1. Securities shall not be sold or offered for sale or distribution within the Philippines, without a registration statement duly filed with and approved by the Commission. Prior to such sale, information on the securities, in such form and with such substance as the Commission may prescribe, shall be made available to each prospective purchaser.

8.2. The Commission may conditionally approve the registration statement under such terms as it may deem necessary.

8.3. The Commission may specify the terms and conditions under which any written communication, including any summary prospectus, shall be deemed not to constitute an offer for sale under this Section.

8.4. A record of the registration of securities shall be kept in Register Securities in which shall be recorded orders entered by the Commission with respect such securities. Such register and all documents or information with the respect to the securities registered therein shall be open to public inspection at reasonable hours on business days.

8.5. The Commission may audit the financial statements, assets and other information of firm applying for registration of its securities whenever it deems the same necessary to insure full disclosure or to protect the interest of the investors and the public in general.

Section 9. Exempt Securities. – 9.1. The requirement of registration under Subsection 8.1 shall not as a general rule apply to any of the following classes of securities:

(a) Any security issued or guaranteed by the Government of the Philippines, or by any political subdivision or agency thereof, or by any person controlled or supervised by, and acting as an instrumentality of said Government.

(b) Any security issued or guaranteed by the government of any country with which the Philippines maintains diplomatic relations, or by any state, province or political subdivision thereof on the basis of reciprocity: Provided, That the Commission may require compliance with the form and content for disclosures the Commission may prescribe.

(c) Certificates issued by a receiver or by a trustee in bankruptcy duly approved by the proper adjudicatory body.

(d) Any security or its derivatives the sale or transfer of which, by law, is under the supervision and regulation of the Office of the Insurance Commission, Housing and Land Use Rule Regulatory Board, or the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

(e) Any security issued by a bank except its own shares of stock.

9.2. The Commission may, by rule or regulation after public hearing, add to the foregoing any class of securities if it finds that the enforcement of this

Code with respect to such securities is not necessary in the public interest and for the protection of investors.

Section 10. Exempt Transactions. – 10.1. The requirement of registration under Subsection 8.1 shall not apply to the sale of any security in any of the following transactions:

(a) At any judicial sale, or sale by an executor, administrator, guardian or receiver or trustee in insolvency or bankruptcy.

(b) By or for the account of a pledge holder, or mortgagee or any of a pledge lien holder selling of offering for sale or delivery in the ordinary course of business and not for the purpose of avoiding the provision of this Code, to liquidate a bonafide debt, a security pledged in good faith as security for such debt.

(c) An isolated transaction in which any security is sold, offered for sale, subscription or delivery by the owner therefore, or by his representative for the owner’s account, such sale or offer for sale or offer for sale, subscription or delivery not being made in the course of repeated and successive transaction of a like character by such owner, or on his account by such representative and such owner or representative not being the underwriter of such security.

(d) The distribution by a corporation actively engaged in the business authorized by its articles of incorporation, of securities to its stockholders or other security holders as a stock dividend or other distribution out of surplus.

(e) The sale of capital stock of a corporation to its own stockholders exclusively, where no commission or other remuneration is paid or given directly or indirectly in connection with the sale of such capital stock.

(f) The issuance of bonds or notes secured by mortgage upon real estate or tangible personal property, when the entire mortgage together with all the bonds or notes secured thereby are sold to a single purchaser at a single sale.

(g) The issue and delivery of any security in exchange for any other security of the same issuer pursuant to a right of conversion entitling the holder of the security surrendered in exchange to make such conversion: Provided, That the security so surrendered has been

registered under this Code or was, when sold, exempt from the provision of this Code, and that the security issued and delivered in exchange, if sold at the conversion price, would at the time of such conversion fall within the class of securities entitled to registration under this Code. Upon such conversion the par value of the security surrendered in such exchange shall be deemed the price at which the securities issued and delivered in such exchange are sold.

(h) Broker’s transaction, executed upon customer’s orders, on any registered Exchange or other trading market.

(i) Subscriptions for shares of the capitals stocks of a corporation prior to the incorporation thereof or in pursuance of an increase in its authorized capital stocks under the Corporation Code, when no expense is incurred, or no commission, compensation or remuneration is paid or given in connection with the sale or disposition of such securities, and only when the purpose for soliciting, giving or taking of such subscription is to comply with the requirements of such law as to the percentage of the capital stock of a corporation which should be subscribed before it can be registered and duly incorporated, or its authorized, capital increase.

(j) The exchange of securities by the issuer with the existing security holders exclusively, where no commission or other remuneration is paid or given directly or indirectly for soliciting such exchange.

(k) The sale of securities by an issuer to fewer than twenty (20) persons in the Philippines during any twelve-month period.

(l) The sale of securities to any number of the following qualified buyers: (i) Bank;

(ii) Registered investment house; (iii) Insurance company;

(iv) Pension fund or retirement plan maintained by the Government of the Philippines or any political subdivision thereof or manage by a bank or other persons authorized by the Bangko Sentral to engage in trust functions;

(v) Investment company or;

(vi) Such other person as the Commission may rule by determine as qualified buyers, on the basis of such factors as financial sophistication, net worth, knowledge, and experience in financial and business matters, or amount of assets under management.

10.2. The Commission may exempt other transactions, if it finds that the requirements of registration under this Code is not necessary in the public interest or for the protection of the investors such as by the reason of the small amount involved or the limited character of the public offering.

10.3. Any person applying for an exemption under this Section, shall file with the Commission a notice identifying the exemption relied upon on such form and at such time as the Commission by the rule may prescribe and with such notice shall pay to the Commission fee equivalent to one-tenth (1/10) of one percent (1%) of the maximum value aggregate price or issued value of the securities.

Section 11. Commodity Futures Contracts. – No person shall offer, sell or enter into commodity futures contracts except in accordance with the rules, regulations and orders the Commission may prescribe in the public interest. The Commission shall promulgate rules and regulations involving commodity futures contracts to protect investors to ensure the development of a fair and transparent commodities market.

Section 12. Procedure of Registration Securities. – 12.1. All securities required to be registered under Subsection 8. I shall be registered through the filing by the issuer in the main office of the Commission, of a sworn registration statement with the respect to such securities, in such form and containing such information and document as the Commission prescribe. The registration statement shall include any prospectus required or permitted to be delivered under Subsections 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4.

12.2. In promulgating rules governing the content of any registration statement (including any prospectus made a part thereof or annex thereto), the Commission may require the registration statement to contain such information or documents as it may, by rule, prescribe. It may dispense with any such requirements, or may require additional information or documents, including written information from an expert, depending on the necessity thereof or their applicability to the class of securities sought to be registered.

12.3. The information required for the registration of any kind, and all securities, shall include, among others, the effect of the securities issue on ownership, on the mix of ownership, especially foreign and local ownership.

12.4. The registration statement shall be signed by the issuer’s executive officer, its principal operating officer, its principal financial officer, its comptroller, its principal accounting officer, its corporate secretary, or persons performing similar functions accompanied by a duly verified resolution of the board of directors of the issuer corporation. The written consent of the expert named as having certified any part of the registration statement or any document used in connection therewith shall also be filed. Where the registration statement shares to be sold by selling shareholders, a written certification by such selling shareholders as to the accuracy of any part of the registration statement contributed to by such selling shareholders shall be filed.

12.5. (a) Upon filing of the registration statement, the issuer shall pay to the Commission a fee of not more than one-tenth (1/10) of one per centum (1%) of the maximum aggregate price at which such securities are proposed to be offered. The Commission shall prescribe by the rule diminishing fees in inverse proportion the value of the aggregate price of the offering.

(b) Notice of the filing of the registration statement shall be immediately published by the issuer, at its own expense, in two (2) newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines, once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks, or in such other manner as the Commission by the rule shall prescribe, reciting that a registration statement for the sale of such securities has been filed, and that aforesaid registration statement, as well as the papers attached thereto are open to inspection at the Commission during business hours, and copies thereof, photostatic or otherwise, shall be furnished to interested parties at such reasonable charge as the Commission may prescribe.

12.6. Within forty-five (45) days after the date of filing of the registration statement, or by such later date to which the issuer has consented, the Commission shall declare the registration statement effective or rejected, unless the applicant is allowed to amend the registration statement as provided in Section 14 hereof. The Commission shall enter an order declaring the registration statement to be effective if it finds that the registration statement together with all the other papers and documents attached thereto, is on its face complete and that the requirements have been complied with.

The Commission may impose such terms and conditions as may be necessary or appropriate for the protection of the investors.

12.7. Upon affectivity of the registration statement, the issuer shall state under oath in every prospectus that all registration requirements have been met and that all information are true and correct as represented by the issuer or the one making the statement. Any untrue statement of fact or omission to state a material fact required to be stated herein or necessary to make the statement therein not misleading shall constitute fraud.

Section 13. Rejection and Revocation of Registration of Securities. – 13.1. The Commission may reject a registration statement and refuse registration of the security there-under, or revoke the affectivity of a registration statement and the registration of the security there-under after the due notice and hearing by issuing an order to such effect, setting forth its finding in respect thereto, if it finds that:

(a) The issuer:
(i) Has been judicially declared insolvent;

(ii) Has violated any of the provision of this Code, the rules promulgate pursuant thereto, or any order of the Commission of which the issuer has notice in connection with the offering for which a registration statement has been filed

(iii) Has been or is engaged or is about to engage in fraudulent transactions;

(iv) Has made any false or misleading representation of material facts in any prospectus concerning the issuer or its securities;

(v) Has failed to comply with any requirements that the Commission may impose as a condition for registration of the security for which the registration statement has been filed; or

(b) The registration statement is on its face incomplete or inaccurate in any material respect or includes any untrue statements of a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statement therein not misleading; or

(c) The issuer, any officer, director or controlling person performing similar functions, or any under writer has been convicted, by a competent judicial or administrative body, upon plea of guilty, or otherwise, of an offense involving moral turpitude and /or fraud or is enjoined or restrained by the Commission or other competent or administrative body for violations of securities, commodities, and other related laws.

For the purposes of this subsection, the term “competent judicial or administrative body” shall include a foreign court of competent jurisdiction as provided for under Rules of Court.

13.2. The Commission may compel the production of all the books and papers of such issuer, and may administer oaths to, and examine the officers of such the issuer or any other person connected therewith as to its business and affairs.

13.3. If any issuer shall refuse to permit an examination to be made by the Commission, its refusal shall be ground for the refusal or revocation of the registration of its securities.

13.4. If the Commission deems its necessary, it may issue an order suspending the offer and sale of the securities pending any investigation. The order shall state the grounds for taking such action, but such order of suspension although binding upon the persons notified thereof, shall be deemed confidential, and shall not be published. Upon the issuance of the suspension order, no further offer or sale of such security shall be made until the same is lifted or set aside by the Commission. Otherwise, such sale shall be void.

13.5. Notice of issuance of such order shall be given to the issuer and every dealer and broker who shall have notified the Commission of an intention to sell such security.

13.6. A registration statement may be withdrawn by the issuer only with the consent of the Commission.

Section 14. Amendment to the Registration Statement. – 14.1. If a registration statement is on its face incomplete or inaccurate in any material respect, the Commission shall issue an order directing the amendment of the registration statement. Upon compliance with such order, the amended

registration statement shall become effective in accordance with the procedure mentioned in Subsection 12.6 hereof.

14.2. An amendment filed prior to the effective date of the registration statement shall recommence the forty-five (45) day period within which the Commission shall act on a registration statement. An amendment filed after the effective date of the registration statement shall become effective only upon such date as determined by the Commission.

14.3. If any change occurs in the facts set forth in a registration statement, the issuer shall file an amendment thereto setting forth the change.

14.4. If, at any time, the Commission finds that the registration statement contains any false statement or omits to state any fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading, the Commission may conduct an examination, and, after due notice and hearing, issue an order suspending the affectivity registration statement. If the statement is duly amended, the suspension order may be lifted.

14.5. In making such examination the Commission or any officer or officers designated by it may administer oaths and affirmations and shall have access to, and may demand the production of, any books, records or documents relevant to the examination. Failure of the issuer, underwriter, or any other person to cooperate, or his obstruction or refusal to undergo an examination, shall be a ground for the issuance of a suspension order.

Section 15. Suspension of Registration. – 15.1. If at any time, the information contained in the registration statement filed is or has become misleading, incorrect, inadequate or incomplete in any material respect, or the sale or offering for sale of the security registered thereunder may work or tend to work a fraud, the Commission may require from the issuer such further information as may in its judgement be necessary to enable the Commission to ascertain whether the registration of such security should be revoked on any ground specified in this Code. The Commission may also suspend the right to sell and offer for the sale such security pending further investigation, by entering an order specifying the grounds for such action, and by notifying the issuer, underwriter, dealer or broker known as participating in such offering.

15.2. The refusal to furnish information required by the Commission may be a ground for the issuance of an order of suspension pursuant to Subsection 15.1. Upon the issuance of any such order and notification to the issuer,

underwriter, dealer or broken know as participating in such offering, no further offer or sale of any such security shall be made until the same is lifted or set aside by the Commission. Otherwise such sale shall be void.

15.3. Upon issuance of an order of suspension, the Commission shall conduct a hearing. If the Commission determines that the sale of any security should be revoked is shall issue an order prohibiting sale of such security.

15.4. Until the issuance of a final order, the suspension of the right to sell, though binding upon the persons notified there of, shall be deemed confidential, and shall not be published, unless it shall appear that the order of suspension has been violated after notice. If, however, the Commission finds that the sale of the security will neither be fraudulent nor result in fraud, it shall forthwith issue an order revoking the order of suspension, and such security shall be restored to its status as a registered security as of the date of such order of suspension.

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