Reportorial Requirements (Chapter V): Securities Regulation Code

[Full text of Securities Regulation Code (Republic Act No. 8799; Chapter I; Chapter II; Chapter III; Chapter IV; Chapter V; Chapter VI; Chapter VII; Chapter VIII; Chapter IX; Chapter X; Chapter XI; Chapter XII; Chapter XIII]


Section 17. Periodic and Other Reports of Issuer. 17.1. Every issuer satisfying the requirements in Subsection 17.2 hereof shall file with the Commission:

(a) Within one hundred thirty-five (135) days, after the end of the issuer’s fiscal year, or such other time as the Commission may prescribe, an annual report which shall include, among others, a balance sheet, profit and loss statement and statement of cash flows,

for such last fiscal year, certified public accountant, an a management discussion and analysis of results of operation; and

(b) Such other periodical reports for interim fiscal periods and current reports on significant developments of the issuer as the Commission may prescribe as necessary to keep current information on the operation of the business and financial condition of the issuer.

17.2. The reportorial requirements of Subsection 17.1 shall apply to the following:

(a) An issuer which has sold a class of its securities pursuant to a registration under section 12 hereof: Provided however, That the obligation of such issuer to file reports shall be suspended for any fiscal year after the year such registration became effective if such issuer, as of the first day of any such fiscal year, has less than one hundred (100) holder of such class securities or such other number as the Commission shall prescribe and it notifies the Commission of such;

(b) An issuer with a class of securities listed for trading on an Exchange; and

(c) An issuer with assets of at least Fifty million pesos (50,000,000.00) or such other amount as the Commission shall prescribe, and having two hundred (200) or more holder each holding at least one hundred (100) share of a class of its equity securities: Provided, however, That the obligation of such issuer to file report shall be terminate ninety (90) days after notification to the Commission by the issuer that the number of its holders holding at least one hundred (100) share reduced to less than one hundred (100).

17.3. Every issuer of a security listed for trading on an Exchange a copy of any report filed with the Commission under Subsection 17.1. hereof.

17.4. All reports (including financial statements) required to be filed with the Commission pursuant to Subsection 17.1 hereof shall be in such form, contain such information and be filed at such times as the Commission shall prescribe, and shall be in lieu of any periodical or current reports or financial statements otherwise required to be filed under the Commission shall prescribe.

17.5. Every issuer which has a class of equity securities satisfying any of the requirements in Subsection 17.2 shall furnish to each holder of such equity security an annual report in such form and containing such information as the Commission shall prescribe.

17.6. Within such period as the Commission may prescribe preceding the annual meeting of the holders of any equity security of a class entitled to vote at such meeting , the issuer shall transmit to such holders an annual report in conformity with subsection 17.5.

Section 18. Reports by five per centum (5%) Holders of Equity Securities. – 18.1. In every case in which an issuer satisfies the requirements of Subsection 17.2 hereof any person who acquires directly or indirectly the beneficial ownership of more than five of per centum (5%) of such class or in excess of such lesser per centum as the Commission by rule may prescribe, shall, within ten (10) days after such acquisition or such reasonable time as fixed by the Commission, submit to the issuer of the securities, to the Exchange where the security is traded, and to the Commission a sworn statement containing the following information and such order information as the Commission may require in the public interest or for the protection of investors.

(a) The personal background, identity, residence, and citizenship of, and the nature of such beneficial ownership by, such person and all other person by whom or on whose behalf the purchases are effected; in the event the beneficial owner is a juridical person, the of business of the beneficial owner shall also be reported;

(b) If the purpose of the purchases or prospective purchases is to acquire control of the business of the issuer of the securities, any plans or proposals which such persons may have that will effect a major change in its business or corporate structure;

(c) The number of shares of such security which are beneficially owned, and the number of shares concerning which there is a right to acquire, directly or indirectly, by; (i) such person, and (ii) each associate of such person, giving the background, identity, residence, and citizenship of each such associate; and

(d) Information as to any contracts, arrangements, or understanding with any person with respect to any securities of the issuer including but not limited to transfer, joint ventures, loan or option arrangements, puts

or call guarantees or division of losses or profits, or proxies naming the persons with whom such contracts, arrangements, or understanding have been entered into, and giving the details thereof.

18.2. If any change occurs in the facts set forth in the statements, an amendment shall be transmitted to the issuer, the Exchange and the Commission.

18.3. The Commission, may permit any person to file in lieu of the statement required by subsection 17.1 hereof, a notice stating the name of such person, the shares of any equity securities subject to Subsection 17.1 which are owned by him, the date of their acquisition and such other information as the commission may specify, if it appears to the commission that such securities were acquired by such person in the ordinary course of his business and were not acquired for the purpose of and do not have the effect of changing or influencing the control of the issuer nor in connection with any transaction having such purpose or effect.

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