Guidelines for Private Health Workers on the Grant of COVID-19 Compensation (Labor Advisory No. 21)


Series of 2020


Pursuant to DOH-DOLE-DBM Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001 or the Implementing Guidelines on the Grant of Compensation to Public and Private Health Workers pursuant to Section 4(f) of Republic Act No. 11469, otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act”, the following Guidelines shall be observed:

Section 1. Coverage. – This Guidelines shall apply to all Private Health Workers (PrHW) who contracted severe COVID-19 reckoned from February 1, 2020 and recovered from it or became a COVID-19 casualty while in the line of duty.

Section 2. Conditions for Eligibility of PrHW. – A PrHW shall be eligible to compensation if he/she meets all the following conditions:

a. He/she provides critical and urgent services for the containment and management of COVID-19 disease;

b. He/she, regardless of employment status and employment classification, is:

  • b.1 An employee of a private health facility,
  • b.2 An employee of a contractor/subcontractor deployed in a public or private health facility; or
  • b.3 Independent contractor and/or self-employed.

c. He/she has contracted severe COVID-19 disease while on duty as evidenced by any appropriate official and/or medical record; and

d. He/she contracted severe COVID-19 disease or became a casualty thereof.

Section 3. Compensation. – A PrHW who suffered severe COVID-19 disease and recovered from it is entitled to a compensation of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00).

In case of death, One Million Pesos (P1,000,000.00) shall be given to his/her beneficiaries.

Section 4. Requirements of PRHW Who Contracted Severe COVID-19 Disease and Recovered from it. – The following minimum requirements shall be submitted by the PrHW:

1. Duly accomplished application from prescribed by DOLE;

2. Certificate of Employment;

3. Medical Abstract signed by the attending physician;

4. Photocopy of any two (2) valid government issued IDs (Passport, driver’s license, GSIS or SSS UMID, PhilHealth, Postal, PRC, Sr. Citizen’s and OFW ID).

Section 5. Eligibility Requirements of PrHW Who Became a COVID-19 Casualty. – In addition to the requirements mentioned in Section 4 hereof, the original copy of the PrHW’s Death Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or PSA-authenticated death certificate issued by a Local Government Unit (LGU) and those enumerated in item VI(b.2) of the DOH-DOLE-DBM Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001, whichever is applicable.

Section 6. Filing of Application. – The PrHW or his/her duly authorized representative or beneficiary shall submit all the requirements to the DOLE Regional / Provincial / Field Office where the employer of the PrHW principally operates. Application may also be submitted through online. 

Section 7. Processing and Verification of Application. – The DOLE Regional Office shall evaluate the completeness of the submitted requirements, and submit its recommendation within the day or immediately to the DOH, through its Malasakit Program Office (MPO) / and Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients (MAIP) Coordinators in the Center for Health Development (CHD) in the same region. 

The DOH concerned office shall send an official notification to the PrHW or his/her duly authorized representative or beneficiary once his/her claim is approved and available for release or when the same is disapproved, stating therein the reason/s for disapproval. 

Section 8. Motion for Reconsideration and/or Appeal. – If the claim is disapproved, the PrHW or beneficiary may submit to the DOH Central Office a motion for reconsideration or appeal addressed to the Secretary of Department of Health.

Section 9. Disbursement. – The DOH concerned office shall issue a paycheck to the PrHW or his/her beneficiary. 

Section 10. Reporting Requirement of DOLE Regional Office. – A summary report containing the following information shall be submitted by the DOLE Regional Office daily to the Office of the Secretary of Labor and Employment, through the Bureau of Working Conditions:

  • a. Processed and verified applications; and
  • b. Recommendations on applications endorsed to the DOH concerned office.

Section 11. Periodic Report to the Office of the President. – The DOLE shall jointly submit with DOH and DBM periodic reports to the Office of the President on the implementation of the Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001, including, but not limited to, the number of health workers provided with compensation and amount utilized for this purpose.

Be guided accordingly. 

Manila, Philippines, 5 June 2020. 


Labor Advisory 21 COVID-Related Benefits for Private Health Workers
P&L Law

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