How to Register a Corporation in the Philippines

Registration of Philippine corporations is now more convenient. The previous post on how to register a corporation, including foreign-owned domestic corporations, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is retained in this forum to highlight how different the process and requirements were. Registration in the electronic age is much easier. 


Access the SEC website ( and create an account in the SEC Company Registration form. It is free. 


Access/log into the SEC CRS system and reserve a name. When the name is approved, proceed to click on the options presented. It is more convenient to have the required information needed (e.g., place of business; authorized capital stock and par value; full names, nationality, residence address, and TIN of incorporators; shareholdings and amount subscribed for each incorporator). The articles of incorporation and bylaws are automatically generated. 


Upon receipt of an email notification from SEC that the documents are in order, log back in the SEC CRS. Download the PDF documents, print and sign. Submit the documents, together with the Affidavit of Undertaking to Change Name (the bank certification is no longer needed), and pay the filing fees (this portion requires physical submission/payment). Done. Wait for the Certificate of Registration from the SEC. 

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