Contactless Delivery and Additional Essential Business Activities Allowed During ECQ

Running out of shampoo and conditioner? Or pet food and hardware items? Trust the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)  to come to your rescue. With the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon (update: new quarantine classifications from 1 to 15 June 2020), the DTI found the need to expand the list of allowed essential business activities to ensure their availability, subject to compliance with existing social distancing, safety and health, and infection control measures. This means that the following must be allowed through checkpoints, nationwide, per DTI Memorandum Circular No. 20-16.

Other Manufacturing Activities Allowed:

  • 1. Other essential products such as petfood and hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioners, are hereby included in the list of permitted manufacturing operations, including the supply and manufacturing of their raw materials and other inputs.
  • 2. The movement of workers of companies engaged in the above mentioned operations shall also be allowed subject to presentation of company identification and certificate of employment.
  • 3. Companies permitted to operate are strongly encouraged to provide their workers temporary on-site or near-site accommodations and shuttle services to limit people movement. 

Other Allowable Products for Delivery:

  • 1. On delivery Services of the covered enterprises allowed in MC 20-08 dated 20 March 2020, essential products shall now include Petfood and Hardware products.
  • 2. Delivery service providers are enjoined to implement contactless pick-up and delivery. 

[Per DTI Memorandum Circular No. 20-16 dated 13 April 2020 (“Allowing Other Essential Business Activities, Modifying for the Purpose Memorandum Circular No. 20-08 s. 2020”); See also Delivery services allowed as of 29 April 2020; Persons Exempt from ECQ for other essential activities; further GCQ/ECQ/MECQ starting 16 May 2020 for high-risk areas.]

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