Detailed List of Sectors Allowed During ECQ/GCQ (Categories I to IV)

This list is from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), as contained in its Memorandum Circular No. 20-22 dated 5 May 2020, on “Business Establishments or Activities Allowed to Operate in Areas included under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) pursuant to the Revised Omnibus Guidelines on Community Quarantine as Confirmed and Adopted by the President under Executive Order No. 112, s. 2020”. [Update: Revised per Memorandum Circular No. 20-33.] The guidelines apply nationwide. No presumption shall arise as to the exclusivity or inclusivity of the enumeration, which may be updated as the need arises. [See also Updated Community Quarantine Classifications]

Added: During the press briefing on 13 May 2020, the Modified ECQ (MECQ) was added. The classifications used to be simple: full capacity for Category I; 50%-full capacity for Category II; 50% capacity for Category III; closed for Category IV. This simplicity is gone after the 13 May 2020 press briefing. Further changes were introduced under IATF Resolution No. 38 dated 22 May 2020 and Resolution No. 41 dated 29 May 2020. For convenience, the designations are: (a) NO for “Not Allowed to Operate”; (b) OK for “Allowed to Operate at Full Capacity”; (c) 50% for “50% maximum on-site personnel” or “partially allowed”, as the case may be; and (d) SKL for “Skeleton Workforce”.

[Update (9 June 2020): The revised DETAILED LIST of Category I-IV is contained in a separate post.]


1. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, and their workers, including farmers, Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs), fisherfolk, and agri-fisheries stores, and such other components of the food value chain OKOKOKOK
2. Manufacturing of essential goods
* Food and beverages (only non-alcoholic drinks)
* Hygiene (e.g., soap, detergent, shampoo, and conditioners; diapers, feminine hygiene products, toilet papers, wet wipes; disinfectants)
* Medicines and vitamins
* Medical products (e.g., masks)
* Pet food, fees and fertilizers




3. Hospitals, medical clinics, and health clinics, such as dialysis and chemotherapy centers, subject to strict health standards and strict observance of infection prevention and control protocols.




* Other medical, dental, rehabilitation, and optometry clinics; dermatological and other clinics for non-aesthetic such as dental, optometric, and eye, ear, nose, throat (EENT); pharmacies or drug stores: Provided, there is strict observance of infection prevention and control protocols; Provided, further, that dental procedures shall be limited to emergency cases only and that the wearing of full Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) by dentists and attendants shall be mandatory. Provided finally that home therapy services for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) shall be allowed



4. Essential retail (groceries, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, public markets)50%OKOKOK
5. Laundry shops (including self-service)50%OKOKOK
6. Food preparation and water refilling: take-out and delivery only 50%OKOKOK
7. Logistics service providers (cargo handling, warehousing, trucking, freight forwarding, and shipping line)



8. Delivery services, whether in-house or outsourced, transporting food, medicine, other essential goods such as hygiene products and medical supplies, clothing, accessories, hardware, housewares (such as appliances), school and office supplies, including computer accessories, ink, IT, communications, and electronic equipment, pet food, and other veterinary products




9. Utilities: power, energy, water collection/supply and sanitation, waste management, sewerage (except septic tank emptying, but including pest control, garbage collection, etc.), as well as property management and building utility servicesSKLOKOKOK
10. Repair and installation of machinery and equipmentOKOKOKOK
15. Real estate activities [Transferred to Category II]
11. Telecommunications companies, internet service providers, cable television providers, including those who perform indirect services such as the technical, sales, and other support personnel, as well as the employees of their third-party contractors doing sales, installation, maintenance and repair worksSLKOKOKOK
12. Energy companies, their third-party contractors and service providers, including employees involved in electric transmission and distribution companies, electric power plant and line maintenance, electricity market and retail suppliers, as well as those involved in the exploration, operations, trading and delivery of coal, oil, crude or petroleum and by-products (gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, jet oil, kerosene, lubricants), including refineries and depots or any kind of fuel used to produce electricity SKLOKOKOK
13. Gas stationsOKOKOKOK
14. Construction workers accredited by the DPWH to work on facilities identified for purposes of quarantine and isolation, including such facilities for the health sector, emergency works, flood control, and other disaster risk reduction and rehabilitation worksSKLOKOKOK
15. Workers accredited by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to work on utility relocation works, and specified limited works across thirteen (13) railway projects, including replacement works for the Metro Manila Rail Transit System Line 3. Provided, that where applicable, on-site or near-site accommodations and/or point-to-point shuttle services should be arranged



16. Manufacturing companies and suppliers of equipment or products necessary to perform construction works, such as cement and steelSKLOK OKOK
17. Media establishments and their total permanent staff complement, as registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and accredited by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)50%OKOKOK
* Media establishments without need of PCCO accreditationOKOKOK
18. Airline and aircraft maintenance, pilots and crew, and and employees of aviation schools for purposes of the pilot’s recurrent training proficiency and type rating using simulator facilities; and ship captains and crew, including shipyard operations and repairSKLOKOKOK
19. Humanitarian assistance personnel from civil society organizations (CSOs), non-government organizations (NGOs), and United Nations-Humanitarian Country Teams, as well as individuals performing relief operations to augment the government’s response against COVID-19 and other disasters or calamities that may occur. Provided, that they are authorized by the appropriate government agency or LGUSKLOKOKOK

Movement of all types of cargoes by land, air or sea within and across areas placed under ECQ or GCQ hall be unhampered. Workers in the logistics sector, such as cargo, trucking, and port operations shall likewise be allowed to transit across areas under ECQ or GCQ. The movement of workers in establishments under Categories I to III are allowed, subject to the operational capacity limits set by the IATF and presentation in quarantine control points of company ID OR certificate of employment OR any identification requirement that the IATF may issue. IATF ID or Rapid Pass shall NOT be required. 


1. Other manufacturing activities:
* Beverages (e.g., alcoholic drinks)
* Electrical machinery
* Wood products, furniture
* Non-metallic products
* Textiles / wearing apparels
* Tobacco products
* Paper and paper products
* Rubber and plastic products
* Coke and refined petroleum products
* Other non-metallic mineral products
* Computer, electronic and optical products
* Electrical equipment
* Machinery and equipment 
* Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
* Other transport equipment
* Others
2. Mining and quarryingOKOKOKOK
3. Electronic and e-commerce companiesOKOKOKOK
4. The Philippine Postal Corporation OKOK OKOK
* Other postal, courier services, as well as delivery services for articles or products not allowed during ECQNOOKOKOK
5. The Philippine Statistics Authority, at a capacity necessary to conduct data gathering and survey activities related to COVID-19 and the registration and implementation of the national identification (ID) systemOKOKOKOK
6. Export-oriented companies (For ECQ: on-site or near-site accommodation, or point-to-point shuttling arrangements. For MECQ: point-to-point shuttles)SKLOK OKOK
* Export-oriented industries without need to set up onsite or near-site accommodationNOOKOKOK
7. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): work-from-home, on-site or near site accommodation, or point-to-point shuttlesSKLOKOKOK
* BPOs without need to set up onsite or near-site accommodationNOOKOKOK
8. Real estate activities limited to leasing onlySKLOKOKOK
* Other real estate activitiesNO50%OKOK
9. Public and private construction projects that are essential (i.e., sewerage, water services facilities, and digital works, and health facilities) and priority (i.e., food production, agriculture, energy, housing, communication, water utilities, manufacturing, BPO) NO50% OKOK
10. Companies engaged in repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, including those engaged in the repair of computers and household fixtures and equipmentSKLOKOKOK
11. Housing service activitiesNOOKOKOK
12. Office administrative and office support (e.g., photocopying and billing) NO50% OKOK
13. Special purpose accommodation for healthcare workers, OFWs, workers in permitted sectors, and non-OFWs with mandated quarantineOKOKOKOK
14. Funeral and embalming services (Funeral parlors not allowed during ECQ and MECQ)SKLOKOKOK
15. Pastors, priests, imams, or such religious ministers whose movement shall be related to the conduct of necrological or funeral ritesSKLOKOKOK
* Pastors, priests, rabbi, imams, and other religious ministers insofar as providing home religious services to households. Provided that proper protocols shall be observed such as social distancing, wearing of face masks and the likeNO50%OKOK
16. Veterinary clinicsSKL50%OKOK
17. Security and investigation activitiesSKL50%OKOK
18. Banks, money transfer services, microfinance institutions, pawnshops, and credit cooperatives (for ECQ, pawnshops not performing money transfers are not allowed)SKLOKOKOK
19. Capital markets (e.g., BSP, SEC, PDEC, PDTC, etc.)SKLOKOKOK
20. Other financial services (e.g., money exchange, insurance, reinsurance, and non-compulsory pension funding)NO50%50%OK
21. Legal and accountingNO50%50%OK
22. Management and consulting activitiesNO50%50%OK
23. Architecture and engineering activities; technical testing and analysisNO50%50%OK
24. Scientific and technology, research and developmentNO50%50%OK


1. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) [Transferred to Category II]
2. Banks, money transfer services, microfinance institutions, pawnshops, and credit cooperatives [Transferred to Category II]  
3. Capital markets [Transferred to Category II]
4. Other financial services [Transferred to Category II]
5. Legal and accounting [Transferred to Category II]
6. Management consultancy activities
7. Architecture and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis [Transferred to Category II]
8. Scientific and research development [Transferred to Category II]
1. Advertising and market researchNO50%50%OK
2. Computer programming (e.g., writing code, designing computer systems) and information service activities (e.g., data processing)NO50%50%OK
3. Publishing and printing activities (e.g., newspapers, books, etc.; printing on textiles, glass, etc.)NO50%50%OK
* Printing presses authorized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or other appropriate agencies to print official receipts and other accountable formsSKL50%50%OK
4. Film, music and TV productionNO50%50%OK
5. Rental and leasing activities, other than real estate (e.g., motor vehicles, equipment for permitted sectors) NOOK OKOK
6. Employment activities (e.g., recruitment and placement for essential services) NOOK OKOK
* Recruitment and placement agencies for overseas employmentNO50%50%OK
7. Other activities (e.g., photography, fashion, industrial, graphic, and interior design) NO50%50%OK
8. Wholesale and retail trade of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, including their parts and componentsNO50%50%OK
9. Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles (including vulcanizing shops, battery repair shops, auto repair shops), including car wash servicesNO50%50%OK
10. Malls and commercial centers (non-leisure only, in line with below)NO50%50%OK
* Dining/restaurants (No dine-in; delivery and take-out only; GCQ policy still undergoing review)50%50%50%OK
* Dine-in service in food retail establishments such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and food preparation establishmentsNONONO50%
* Barbershops and salon (basic haircutting services only)NONO30%50%
* Hardware stores NO50%50%OK
* Clothing and accessoriesNO50%50%OK
* Mall-based government frontline servicesNO50%50%OK
* Bookstores and school and office supplies storesNO50%50%OK
* Baby or infant care supplies storesNO50%50%OK
* Pet food and pet care suppliesNO50%50%OK
* IT, communications, and electronic equipmentNO50%50%OK
* Flower, jewelry, novelty, antique, perfume shopsNO50%50%OK
* Toy store (with playgrounds and amusement area closed)NO50%50%OK
* Firearms and ammunition trading establishments, subject to strict regulation of Firearms and Explosives OfficeNO50%50%OK


1. Gyms/fitness studios and sports facilitiesNONONO50%
2. Entertainment industries (e.g., cinemas, theaters, karaoke bars, etc.)NONONO50%
3. Kid amusement industries (e.g., playroom, rides)NONONO50%
4. Libraries, archives, museums and cultural centers NONONO50%
5. Tourist destinations (e.g., water parks, beaches, resorts)NONONO50%
6. Travel agencies, tour operators, reservation service and related activitiesNONONO50%
7. Personal care services (e.g., massage parlors, sauna, facial care, waxing, etc.)NONONO50%
8. Amusement and gamingNONONO50%
9. All other establishmentsNONONO50%

[See also IATF Omnibus Guidelines for Areas under General Community Quarantine (GCQ); Guidelines for Interzonal Movement during the Community Quarantine]

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  1. Krie

    Hi, my condo unit says that installers and repairmen falls under visitors category and are not allowed. I need to have aircon installed because of my asthma. Is this even in the guidelines? We stay at home, we use our appliances, what if they get broken? Arent repairs and installs essential too?

    1. pnl

      Hi Krie. Repairs are allowed under the general guidelines. However, condos might have other internal rules. Best to discuss this with your homeowners’ association. Good luck.

  2. Phet

    Good evening. Does Internet cafés fall under category IV? ( Under the all other establishments classification ). Sorry if i’ve asked this question because I need to send some copies of my documents thru email and I need to have them scanned.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Phet

    Good afternoon Mam / Sir ( ). Thank you very much for sendin’ the link to the revised list of sectors during this quarantine period. It’s comprehensive and helpful. Truly appreciated.


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