Minimum Paid-Up Capital for Corporations in the Philippines

No minimum capital stock is required for stock corporations under the Revised Corporation Code, except when specifically provided by law. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a matrix (accessed on 29 March 2020) of the required minimum paid-up capital (paid-up capital is the portion of the authorized capital stock which has been subscribed and actually paid),  according to industry, for the registration of Philippine corporations. This covers foreign-owned domestic corporations, when not covered by the Negative List.

Break bulk agentP250,000
Cargo consolidatorP400,000
Financing company – main 
* 1st class citiesP10,000,000
* Other municipalitiesP5,000,000
* MunicipalitiesP2,500,000
Financing company – branch 
* 1st class citiesP1,000,000
* Other municipalitiesP500,000
* MunicipalitiesP250,000
Freight forwarders 
* DomesticP250,000
* InternationalP2,000,000
* Health maintenance organizationP10,000,000
Insurance brokerP20,000,000
Reinsurance brokerP20,000,000
Insurance broker & reinsurance brokerP50,000,000
Life insurance companyP1,000,000,000
Non-life insurance companyP1,000,000,000
Reinsurance companyP2,000,000,000
Investment adviser/managerP10,000,000
Investment companyP50,000,000
Investment houseP300,000,000
Lending company – mainP1,000,000
Lending company – branch 
1st class citiesP300,000
Other municipalitiesP150,000
Authorized capital stockP100,000,000
Paid-up capital stockP6,250,000
Non-vessel operating common carrierP4,000,000
Pre-need plan insurerP100,000,000
Pre-need plan agentP5,000,000
Recruitment for local employment 
Recruitment for overseas employmentP5,000,000
Retail trade with foreign equityUS$2,500,000
School (for stock corporations) 
* Elementary educationP1,000,000
* Elementary & secondary educationP2,500,000
* Elementary, secondary, tertiaryP5,000,000
Security agencyP500,000
Securities broker/dealer (New/SRO-member)P100,000,000
Securities broker/dealer (Existing/SRO-member)P10,000,000
Securities broker/dealer in proprietary shares (Non-SRO-member)P5,000,000
Special purpose vehicleP31,250,000
Special purpose corporationP5,000,000
Transfer agentP1,000,000
Domestic corporations with more than 40% foreign equity 
* Domestic market enterpriseUS$200,000
* Export market enterpriseP5,000
Foreign branch office 
* Domestic market enterpriseUS$200,000
* Export market enterpriseP5,000
Partnership with foreign partner 
* Domestic market enterpriseUS$200,000
* Export market enterpriseP3,000
Foreign representative officeUS$30,000
Regional area headquarters (RHQ)US$50,000
Regional area headquarters (ROHQ)US$200,000
P&L Law

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