2007 Judicial Excellence Awards: Nominations Extended

(From the SC website): The Supreme Court, through the Society for Judicial Excellence, extended to April 15 the original March 31 deadline for the nominations to the 2007 Search for Outstanding Judges and Clerks of Court.

The general public is encouraged to keep sending in their nominees for the different awards with their corresponding resumés and the reasons for the nomination on or before April 15, 2007.

The categories are: Regional Trial Court Judges; Metropolitan Trial Court/ Municipal Trial Court in Cities/ Municipal Circuit Trial Court/ Municipal Trial Court Judges and Shari’a Circuit Trial Court Judges; Clerks of Court (First-and Second-Level Courts) and Branch Clerks of Court (First-and Second-Level Courts).

All nominations should be addressed to the Permanent Secretariat, Society for Judicial Excellence, 3rd Floor, Old Session Hall Extension Room, Supreme Court Old Building, Padre Faura Street, Manila, with Telefax No. (02) 523-1301 and Mobile No. 0918-9307585 or through e-mail at judicialexcellence.sec@gmail.com.

The Awards Ceremonies will be held on September 19 at the SC.


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