5,000 Pesos Assistance for Workers under the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP)

The COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) is a safety net program, available nationwide, that offers financial support to affected workers in private establishments that have adopted flexible work arrangements or temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CAMP shall be effective on 21 March 2020, but applied retroactively from January 2020.

The financial assistance is a one-time payment of Five Thousand Pesos (PhP 5,000) in lump sum, non-conditional, regardless of employment status. The application is filed by the employer, but the financial assistance is released directly to the employee (though the employee’s payroll bank account or through money remittance). To be entitled to the financial assistance:


The worker / employee must be employed by private establishments that have implemented flexible work arrangements under Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Labor Advisory No. 09. Employers are free to craft flexible work arrangements upon compliance with certain requirements, although the examples provided are reduction of workhours/workdays, rotation of workers, forced leave (see DOLE Labor Advisory No. 09). Government employees are excluded from the program.

The financial program covers Affected Workers, regardless of status (i., permanent, probationary, or contractual). 

The CAMP covers workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic from its onset in January 2020 until the lifting of the community quarantine on 14 April 2020, unless extended. 


Affected establishment must submit the following:

a. Revised Establishment Report Form (ERF), particularly the indicated mandatory fields.

b. Company payroll for the month of February or earlier, submitted along with the ERF.


1. Applications with complete documentary requirements shall be submitted online to the appropriate DOLE Regional Office or any of its Provincial / Field Offices.

2. Applications shall be evaluated by the concerned DOLE Regional Office within three (3) working days from receipt thereof.

3. The following documents, depending on the status of evaluation shall be issued to the applicant by the concerned DOLE Regional Office within three (3) working days through electronic mail from the date thereof: (a) Notice of Approval, for approved application; or (b) A Notice of Denial, for denied application. 

An application may be denied for any of the following reasons: (a) ineligibility of applicant; (b) misrepresentation of facts in the application; or (c) submission of falsified or tampered document. 

Department Order No. 209, series of 2020, dated 17 March 2020 (“Guidelines on the Adjustment Measures Program for Affected Workers Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019”) was issued by the DOLE to help address the issues brought about by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis in the Philippines. The DOLE clarified the provisions of D.O. 9 through Labor Advisory No. 12 dated 18 March 2020.

Department Order No. 09 not only covers the one-time time financial assistance, but also the provision of available job opportunities suitable to the affected employee’s qualifications through job matching, referral and placement services either for local or overseas employment, employment coaching, and labor market information. 

The DOLE emphasized that the outbreak of COVID-19 constitutes an emergency that threatens public health and national security which requires a whole-of-government response including the implementation of urgent and critical measures to mitigate its effects and impact to the community, and prevent serious disruption of the functioning of government and the community. 

9 thoughts on “5,000 Pesos Assistance for Workers under the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP)

  1. M.A. Yu

    I am an owner of a food kiosk inside a mall, due to the quarantine my food kiosk can’t operate so my employees is currently under work suspension. My question is can my company apply for the dole camp if the salary of my staff is given to them cash basis every 15th and 30th of the month since they do not have a personal bank account.
    The dole guideline only states that they will deposit the 5000 directly to the employees bank account once application is approved.

    1. pnl Post author

      The DOLE issued a clarification, allowing the release of cash directly to the employee (if no payroll account). Please revisit the post. Wishing you the best in this difficult time.

      1. MPG

        Our HR PIC still wanted to file and avail although we are working from home and receiving our full salaries. I am excluding myself. As I understand only those whos salaries had been reduced / totally no salaries are qualified to avail.

      2. Nhel

        I am Taxi operator I’d like to avail the cash assistance to help my taxi drivers. What to submit as an alternative if you can’t provide payroll.?

        1. pnl Post author

          Hi Nhel, the regulations don’t say what the alternatives are. Please check directly with the DOLE, perhaps they can give you alternatives. Good luck.

  2. Maria Clara Lagradilla

    Maam/Sir included po ba ang mga tricyle driver dito sa 5k ninyo na ipamimigay?ano naman ang mga gagawin kung wala ang employer kasi nasa ibang bansa?salamat


    Im a new hire seafarer of career shipmanagement and because of luzon lockdown my schedule for joining on last march 22 2020 was canceled and almost 4 months no salary and im still paying my LRP sss and currently recieve my pag ibig salary loan last february and now no more chance to have money can i have the rights to recieve this 5000php from dole to aplly disenfectant for my house

    1. pnl Post author

      This program is limited to those employed by a Philippine-based company, with alternative work arrangements. Perhaps there are other programs from DOLE or SSS, please check with them. Good luck.


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