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The best law firm in the Philippines. An extremely sensitive matter, just like asking which law school is the best. I wouldn’t even attempt to give my personal top list, so, for now, let’s leave it to institutions which prepare directories and rankings. Here goes.

Among the legal directories are FindLaw and Internet Legal Research Group ™, but they cover mostly U.S. law firms and don’t have a ranking system.

Vault Asia has a list of the Top 100 Law Firms (2007 Rankings), but it doesn’t cover the Philippines. Hopefully, they will have a Philippine ranking, including the Quality of Life Rankings.

LexisNexis (Martindale-Hubbell) has a listing of Philippine law firms, but not according to rank (I noticed that my profile is still listed with my former law firm, one of the ranked firms according to Lawasia). The Hieros Gamos Worldwide Legal Directories also has a list of Philippine law firms, including a sub-category for specific cities like Quezon City, although it doesn’t have a Top List.

There’s the Legal500, which has a listing of Philippine law firms, as well as recommended firms for various categories like aviation, banking and finance, capital markets, corporate/M&A (merger and acquisitions), dispute resolution, immigration, intellectual property, labor and employment, media, mining and natural resources, real estate and construction, shipping, tax and telecoms. Still, these are recommendations and not strict ranking.

Then there’s Asialaw, which has a Top 3 ranking in various fields. The largest and most established Philippines law firms dominate the rankings for each practice area. See the rankings here.


3 thoughts on “Best Law Firms – Philippines

  1. Avatarnew_lawyer

    i am one of those who luckily passed the 2006 bar exams. now, i am on the next step. i haven’t worked in the months of waiting. it’s only now that i will start formulating the vital resume.

    can you please give me an insight on how the application in a law offices goes? how will i find those offices that need new lawyers? do i just come to an office and submit my resume? will i get interviewed by a panel? what kind of questions are usually asked in an interview? do i have to wait for a listing in an ad about the need for a lawyer? where could i find these ads?

    where do i print my resume? do i have to place it in a folder?

    i am sorry for asking these questions. they may seem simple to some people, but at this moment, i am really clueless.

    thank you so much for always being there to help us.

  2. Atty. FredAtty. Fred Post author

    New Lawyer, congratulations…welcome to the profession (I mean, after the oathtaking and signing of the Roll of Attorneys). Going now to your questions…

    Different law firms have different styles. The bigger ones don’t advertise – they send invitations directly to the top graduating students of leading law schools (this is done, including the interview, before or after graduation, and definitely before the bar exams). Some firms advertise, which you will see in newspaper ads. Ask the lawyers ahead of you, check the alumni office of your law school, ask your friends (in fact, I can tell you that our law office is looking for an associate).

    Your questions are relevant. These are the same questions I asked when I started out. Let’s write an article on that, so that others may have something to read.

    Good luck.

  3. Avatarbernalyn

    good day sir,mam! im 17yrs.seperated to my husband nothing any support from him,and i want to get an annulment of our marriage.we had two children and he had a child in other women.please help me to get a good lawyer to filled my case…thank you


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