An invitation to write at the Philippine e-Legal Forum

The stated purpose of this law blog or blawg is to disseminate legal information for the general public (at the very least, those with internet access), in a manner consistent with the plain language initiative. We don’t pretend that such coverage is extensive, as the internet penetration index of the Philippines is admittedly low. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere.

You may have noticed that a Forum user must now be registered and logged in to comment. We’re constrained to do this because of the barrage of spam coming in lately (yes, there are spam comments, not only spam emails). You may have also noticed that all registered users have been “promoted” or upgraded from “subscriber” to “contributor”, which means that anyone can now write and submit an article for posting in this site. Here’s the deal:

A contributor may write and submit articles, but the moderators must still review the article for posting. A contributor cannot directly publish a post. The moderators have absolute discretion to approve, edit, revise, reject or publish an article. Please don’t take this personally; this is meant to retain the integrity of The Forum.

We don’t have a set of specific guidelines, and, hopefully, we won’t need one. Still, there are rules to live by, foremost of which is this – no legal advice is and must be given. Articles and comments must be limited to legal information.

After a few submissions, a contributor status may be upgraded to “author”, the latter having the prerogative to publish articles without moderator approval. There will be some exceptions, of course.

So, if that’s fair enough, then please join us in this modest endeavor of making the law less alien to the general public. It will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

By the way, every registered user is part of the e-group ( Thank you.

Added: The immediate influx of user registration is heartwarming. May I request for a backgrounder on each user through the “About the User” portion of your profile. You can also add this information at the bottom of the submitted post.¬†Again, thank you.


26 thoughts on “An invitation to write at the Philippine e-Legal Forum

  1. Avatarprosecutor josa

    If upgraded to contributor or to author, will we get MCLE credits? hehehe… I am glad I found this site. Thanks so much. I think I will try to be “promoted” in due time.

  2. Atty. FredAtty. Fred Post author

    Prosec, that’s a good idea, maybe we can work on that. Thanks for the kind words. We’re all looking forward to your post (I’m almost certain you’re one of the exceptions =).

  3. Atty. FredAtty. Fred Post author

    Lawenthusiast, you are automatically designated as “Contributor” upon registration. After logging in, you will be directed to the Site Admin. If not, you can find the “Site Admin” button at the “Meta” portion (check the bottom part of the sidebar, or simply look at the right part of this screen). The “Site Admin” button may also be found at the Header of this site (bottom-right side of the Header). When you click the Site Admin, you’ll be directed to the DASHBOARD. There, click “Write”, then compose your article and then save it. A moderator will later go over it.

    By the way, I’d reply to your other comments this weekend. Thanks

  4. AvatarGABRIELA

    I am now inspired to write all our experiences in all cases that we have right now which involves transactions in real estate, bank loans and credit line. But i want to be guided so not to add more problems to the ones i already have.

    We have been Blessed so much yesterday when the Q.C. RTC gave us the chance to oppose the “Writ of Possession” (Ex-Parte) filed by one of the Banks on March 9, 2007. At least the scary thing for us this coming Christmas Season is over and we have a good two months to prepare.

    When things seems to be closing in on us, only GOD can provide the ways and means if we have FAITH and put our WHOLE TRUST in HIM. It really WORKS!

  5. Atty. FredAtty. Fred Post author

    Gabriela, am glad to hear about the “breathing space”. As to writing more about that case, I presume you’re aware of the sub judice rule, which basically means that you can’t discuss the merits of your case while it’s ongoing. There are no cliear boundaries, so please take the side of caution.

    As always, good luck and God bless. Merry Christma to you and your family.

  6. Atty. FredAtty. Fred Post author

    Jinemie, your point on annulment beng expensive (and, ergo, pro-rich) is one of the arguments of pro-divorce advocates. Nevertheless, there are legal aid groups (IBP and law school-based internship programs, among others) that accept annulment cases for free. I understand that the Public Attorney’s Office also accepts annulment cases, although you must remember that they are also swamped with other cases.

    As to your second question, please discuss this among yourselves before availing of any legal moves. Legal battles among family members are among the worst. Once you file a case, there’s no turning back. Good luck.

  7. Avatarjinemie

    though everyone knows that filling for annulment or legal separation takes much cash,may i ask then how about those couples that belong to the poor and middle class society who can’t afford such expense? should they bare the agony of living with their spouse’s misfits on a lifrtime basis just bec. they can’ afford to file for legal separations or annulment of their marriage? Please enlighten me on this. thank you very much!

  8. Avatarjinemie

    for years we have been suffering psychologically from one member of our family from noise and verbal abuse, even maliscious mischiefs. he takes in prohibited drugs which is one cause of his bad attitude, he likewise own a gun which I am sure is illegal. We want to file a case against him for his unjust behavior, but our Phil. system of litigation takes years to be processed. What should we do? Thanks

  9. Avatarllvdmd

    The deceased Mr & Mrs. Yap cohabited for about 21 years til the death of Mrs. Yap in 1979. They have 5 living children. However, Mrs. Yap was previously widowed with 3 living children.
    When Mrs. Yap died in 1979, no extra-judicial settlements were made with the properties. Consequently,Mr. Yap married a widow with an adopted child.
    Eventually, Mr. Yap died 3 years ago. Before his death, settlements of properties were made among the 5 common children of Mr & Mrs. Yap and the legal widow of Mr. Yap including the adopted child.
    Do the children of Mrs. Yap from her first marriage have any rights to claim inheritance from Mr. Yap considering that settlements were made without their knowledge?If so, what are their shares?
    Hoping for your enlightenment. Thank you. Elvie.


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