Survival and Recovery (SURE) Assistance for Marginalized, Small Farmers and Fishers during Community Quarantine

The Survival and Recovery (SURE) Assistance Program for Marginalized, Small Farmers and Fishers is a zero percent interest (0%) rate loan assistance amounting to Twenty-Five Thousand Pesos (PhP 25,000) to be given to eligible borrowers affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, to be validated by Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Field Offices and Local Government Units (LGUs). This is one of the social amelioration programs (see List of Social Amelioration Programs), per Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1, designed to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) health crisis during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, pursuant to the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act (Republic Act No. 11469) and its Implementing Directives.  

[See Target Beneficiaries and Documentary Requirements]

  • The interest-free loan assistance shall be extended to eligible farmers and fishers in the amount of Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (PhP 25,000) per borrower. 
  • Eligible beneficiaries of this program are marginalized, small farmers and fishers affected by ECQ to be validated by the DA Regional Field Offices and LGUs.
  • The loan assistance does not require any collateral or security requirement. 

Government financial institutions (GFIs) and Non-Government Financial Institutions shall implement this program by extending loans directly to eligible loan borrowers. 

[See also: Social Amelioration Programs for the Community Quarantine by Reason of COVID-19; Emergency Subsidy Program (ESP) during the Community Quarantine); Target Beneficiaries of the Government Social Amelioration Program for COVID-19; Documentary Requirements to Avail of Government Social Amelioration Programs for COVID-19]

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